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Every person aims at gaining momentum in their life. This means freedom of movement. However, ailments related to movement can be very depressing and unacceptable to a progressive individual. It could be anything from hip pain, to aching ankle, to frozen shoulder, to troublesome knee. The list differs from person to person. Orthopaedic team at Brahm Chaitanya, Chinchwad, is equipped with everything that is necessary to set you back on your journey to achieve your dreams.


Cardiology at Brahm Chaitanya Super Speciality Hospital is equipped with advanced technology capable of managing any emergency case and in any hour of the day. All cardiovasular ailments are handled by the skilled and experienced doctors at the hospital. It offers most latest and specialized treatment in Chinchwad, Pune. Our highly trained staff cardiac physicians are accompanied by expert cardiac surgeons to provide excellent treatment solutions.


Understanding the criticality that might come at any time, Brahm Chaitanya is fully equipped with the latest technology to provide advanced neurosurgical care in the entire Chinchwad region. The operation theatres are equipped with latest Endoscopy system and high-end microscope. As the speciality demands, an expert Anaesthesiologist provides vital support from time-to-time. The Neuro-navigation system provides solutions pertaining the better and shortest and safest route while surgical procedures.
Brahm Chaitanya has Neuro-Intensive care unit which takes care of the patient’s critical conditions. All the surgeons are available round the clock.


Nephrology department in Brahm Chaitanya specializes in diagnosis and treatment of kidney disorders. The hospital also has provision for patients to receive in-house dialysis treatment under the close supervision of a leading Nephrologist.

This department takes care of various kinds of kidney disorders including the acute and chronic disorders. Kidney transplantation, Acid-Base electrolyte disorders, Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones) and critical procedures are handled confidently in Brahm Chaitanya.


Preventive approach is what Brahm Chaitanya believes in. We are fortified with programmes in both Gynec and Obs for prevention and early detection of any disorder.

Brahm Chaitanya has excellent gynaecology department which caters to normal as well caesarean pregnancies. The infrastructure is well equipped to handle with experienced staff taking excellent care of the new-borns with medical complications. The gynaecological surgeries are performed either via laparoscopic or open techniques.


Days are gone when Cancer was considered as untreatable ailment. In the past decade, the medical technology has grown to a greater extent providing multiple ways of treatment and stopping the fatalities that used to occur.

Cancer experts at Brahm Chaitanya forms a strong platform where with the help of modern scientific innovations, the diagnosis and the treatment is now creating testimonials on regular basis.

Our associations with the TPAs and medical insurance companies makes it much easier for our patients to deal with the situation.

Dermatology & Cosmetology

Dermatology department at Brahm Chaitanya is involved in therapeutic and diagnostic services for skin care which involves general skin issue consultation and continuous progressive care. The Dermatologist and Cosmetology experts work together as a team so that the patients benefit more.

Looking at the current climatic and socio-economic conditions, the skin diseases are widely rising. There is a constant demand for Dermatological and Cosmetological treatments. Excellent support from the microbiology, clinical pathology and related departments has made it possible to deliver what the patients are looking for. Cosmetology surgeries and related expertise is available in Brahm Chaitanya.

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