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Changing lifestyles, pollution, addictions have caused exponential increase in the incidence of Cancer. While no. 1 killer like Cancer of cervix has declined others like breast Cancers, oral Cancer, have risen to epidemic proportions.

We at Brahm Chaitanya strongly believe that prevention is always better, so we organize, many health talks, patient education programs, and screening camps, to sensitize, general population about this deadly disease.

We have high end diagnostic facilities to diagnose the Cancer early. Our team of onco surgeons is expert to treat various Cancers like – Gastrointestinal tract
– Oropharyngeal
– Breast Cancer
– Uterine and Cervical Cancer
– Soft tissue and Bone Cancers
– Genitourinary Cancers
Our Plastic Surgeons routinely do oncoplastic surgeries to give better cosmetic appearance after a Cancer Surgery.